Peer-to-peer gambling the way it should be.

The first peer-to-peer gambling app that allows friends to bet each other on sports, pop culture, current events or really anything they want. Wager handles the tracking and payouts so you can have fun competing with your friends. 

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The App We've All Been Waiting For

Real-time Stat Tracking

Stay up-to-date live with your sports betting amongst friends to see who's winning each bet live within the app.

Tired of bugging your friends to pay up?

With Wager that is no longer a problem. Our platform handles all of the payment and settling up so you don't have to keep bugging that one infamous friend who always seems to put off paying up!

Notifications to stay on top of your Wagers

Wager lets to know when you recieve new bets or when your friends accept them. We also let you know when big games, events or contests are happening so you can stay on track.

More than just Sports

With Wager, you can send and settle custom bets that allow you to bet your friends or colleagues anything from Mike being late to work on Monday to who wins your favorite reality TV show.

"Until now, friends have had to rely on themseleves to tally up points and stats then just hope a friend would be honest and settle-up. With Wager, you can live the moment live with your friends and let the app keep track of who's winning PLUS handle all of the payment for you. Too much fun."
Tony H
Social Media Sports Personality

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